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Q: I think X is an anti-hero because of insert characteristics here. Can I add them to the list?
A: If you want to add a character to the list, you have to have a reliable source explicitly calling them an anti-hero. Adding a character based on your opinion (even if you are correct and your character fits the criteria) is original research and will be removed.
Q: I disagree with X's placement on this list. They're not an anti-hero because insert reason here. They should be removed.
A: Assuming that the anti-hero in question is properly cited, it stays. Again, like the previous question, removing a character based on a personal opinion would fall under original research.
Q: What would be considered a reliable source?
A: For specifics, see WP:V and WP:RS. For the most part, published reviews and articles from third-party sources tend to make up the majority of sources here. Blogs, fan-sites, forums, wikis, etc, are not considered to be reliable in this case.