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New York Railways and affiliates[edit]

Third Avenue Railway[edit]

Some of this information is from Charles L. Ballard, Metropolitan New York's Third Avenue Railway System, page 105.

  • 1119 3rd, bounded by 2nd, 3rd, 65th, and 66th; also a bit north of 66th (barn and central repair shop; earlier general office; depot)
  • 2389 3rd, southeast corner of Lexington and 130th (barn, paint shop, and general office - earlier the Union Railway general office, but even earlier Third Avenue RR stables)
  • Belt Line Depot, west side of 10th between 53rd and 54th (repair shops and CPN&ER western division depot)
  • Amsterdam and 129th
  • Kingsbridge Depot, 218th and Broadway (shop after 1947)
  • West Farms Depot, Boston near West Farms Sq
  • foot of Main St in Yonkers (shop after 1948)
  • Sanford and Garden in Mount Vernon (barn and yard)
  • 118 E 42nd (42nd Street, Manhattanville and St. Nicholas Avenue Railway general office)
  • 605 Grand Street, near Eldridge Street (Dry Dock general office)
  • east side of Corlears between Cherry and Monroe (Dry Dock depot for Cortlandt Street and Grand Street Crosstown Lines[1]); unlabeled "horse car railway depot" on the west side - might have been Dry Dock or CPN&ER
  • 1st, 36th, 37th, and 38th (CPN&ER eastern division depot)
  • west side of B between 14th and 15th (Dry Dock depot and stables)

Fifth Avenue Coach Company[edit]

  • both sides of 43rd, halfway between 6th and 7th