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Adding spamtrap email addresses to a spammer's mailing list is not the same as list poisoning. This is referred to as a spamtrap. -Bitserve

Actually, adding spamtrap email addresses to a mailing list does not fall under spamtrap. Its more like "spam entrapment" Calling these spamtraps totally undermines the concept and definition of a spamtrap. SpamTrap's don't require human intervention to meet their goals. SpamHaus practices this activity and calls it "SpamTrap", but in reality this practice only prays on older company's with email addresses that were acquired before closed-loop confirmation and other poorly designed web sites that don't do double optin yet. There is a better way to use this practice to encourage double-optin without blacklisting. We need a new category called "Spam Entrapment". -tkeyser