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Untitled[edit] (Article text using Unicodes) Pembeana (talk) 05:45, 15 June 2010 (UTC)


The table in this article is in need of a column of the characters in image form, for users who do not have Unicode support. —Typhlosion (talk) 05:09, 24 August 2010 (UTC)

Lydian script[edit]

Hi! I see that you don't edit very often, therefore I don't know if you check your discussion page frequently. Concerning your recent edits in Lydian script, the least I can say is that they did not make the article more reader friendly. All I can see area a number of carrés. I will remove the unicodes if you have no objections. There is an external link present for them at the bottom of the page anyway (check Greek alphabet). Regards. Pembeana (talk) 21:34, 8 June 2010 (UTC)

That’s why I left the images. For those who don’t have a proper font/properly configured browser. As more and more fonts are available (Both Aegean (available at ) and Quivira (available at can display it), and all current OSes support these characters and it works well under Firefox and probably all Mozilla-based browsers. There also aren’t images present for all letters, while there are obviously Unicode letters.
I suggest adding Template:Special characters at the top of the page to warn about potential issues like this Emmanuel Vallois (talk) 09:17, 9 June 2010 (UTC)

I checked both scripts (Lydian and Lycian) under Mozilla as well and the result is the same. That only leaves Firefox which I wasn't able to check. To avoid these articles looking funny except for a select few, I will transfer their current state (with unicodes - or rather carrés) to their discussion page and revert the articles to their previous state. As more and more fonts are available and there are images present for all letters and all current OSes support these characters we can remove them back into the article body from the discussion pages. Regards. Pembeana (talk) 17:26, 13 June 2010 (UTC)