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The following is a list of the richest and wealthiest Pakistani entrepreneurs sorted by order of their declared or estimated net worth. It is extremely difficult to verify the exact figures of the net worth of some of these individuals because in Pakistan the large business conglomerates are often and typically owned jointly by sons/brothers/close relatives who collectively hold on to the cash and assets, so the financial figures usually cannot be linked to the name of one single individual only. This list is being published without any kind of prejudice, and is only meant to highlight the success and accomplishments of certain individuals of Pakistani ethnicity who have displayed exceptional talent, hardwork and dynamism in their respective fields. These highly admirable individuals have created and grown companies in multiple sectors & industries that have now reached an enormous scale and employ hundreds of thousands of people. Most of them are great philanthropists and contribute to very worthy causes. Based on their vast business empires, as of 2017, the following people are by far the richest and wealthiest Pakistanis:

Rank Name Net Worth (USD) Age Residence Sources of income and wealth Industries
1 Mian Muhammad Mansha Yahya $2.6 billion 69 Lahore Nishat Group - MCB Bank - Nishat Mills - Emporium Mall - DG Khan Cement - Adamjee Insurance Banking
2 Sadruddin Hashwani $1 billion 77 Islamabad Hashoo Group - Marriott Hotels - Pearl Continental Hotels - Hotel One - Zaver Petroleum - Orient Petroleum Hotels & Resorts, Oil & Gas
3 Malik Riaz Hussain $1 billion 63 Islamabad Bahria Town Real Estate Development
4 Rafiq M. Habib $900 million Karachi House of Habib - Toyota Indus Motors Company - Habib Metro Pakistan Banking & Finance, Retail, Automobiles
5 Tariq Sayeed Saigol $850 million 62 Lahore Saigol Group - KMLG - Kohinoor Maple Leaf Group - Kohinoor Textile Mills - Pak Electron Limited
6 Muhammad Kashif $842 million 31 Peshawar Harbinger (Pvt) - Online Marketing - companies house - CyberNet - Google Company manager Media, laptops, Insurance, Fast Moving Consumer Goods etc
7 Sheikh Abid Hussain alias Seth Abid $800 million Lahore Abid Group - Green Forts I & II - Auriga Shopping Mall Real Estate Development
8 Mian Muhammad Latif $780 million 64 Faisalabad ChenOne & Chenab Group Textiles, Fashion
9 Syed Babar Ali & Syed Hyder Ali N/A 70 Lahore Packages Group - TriPack Films - Nestle Pakistan - Packages Mall
10 Hussain Dawood N/A 74 Karachi Dawood Hercules Corporation Limited - Engro Corporation
11 Abdul Razak Dawood N/A 70 Lahore Descon Group - Descon Engineering
12 Yusuf H. Shirazi N/A 75 Lahore Atlas Group - Honda Atlas
13 Arif Habib N/A 64 Karachi Arif Habib Group - Fatima Fertilizer
14 Ghazi Khan N/A 65 Lahore TSML Group - Riaz Bottlers - Tandlianwala Sugar Mills - Superior Textile Mills
15 Fawad Ahmed Mukhtar N/A 55 Lahore Fatima Group - Fatima Fertilizer
16 Khawaja M. Yousaf & Khawaja M. Nadeem N/A N/A Lahore Chakwal Group - Yousaf Weaving Mills - Chakwal Spinning Mills
17 Aqeel Karim Dhedhi 60 N/A Karachi AKD Group
18 Mohammad Abdullah 75 N/A Lahore Sapphire Group
19 Mohammad Anwar & Nasir Shafi N/A N/A Lahore Crescent Textiles - Shakarganj Limited - Shakarganj Mills
20 Javed Saifullah Khan & Anwar Saifullah Khan N/A N/A Islamabad Saif Group
21 Muhammad Adress N/A N/A Faisalabad Sitara Group
22 Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman N/A N/A Karachi Daily Jang & Geo News Group
23 Dewan Mohammad Yousuf Farooqui N/A N/A Karachi Yousaf Dewan Companies (YDC) - BMW Pakistan
24 Laith G. Pharaon N/A 48 Rawalpindi Attock Group of Companies - Attock Refinery
25 Muneer Nawaz N/A N/A Karachi Shahnawaz Group - Mercedes Benz Pakistan - Shezan International
26 Jahangir Siddiqui N/A 68 Karachi JS Group
27 S.M. Muneer N/A 70 Karachi Din Group - Din Textiles - Din Leather - MCB Bank