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The molboer stories are really sort of neat. They are ethnic jokes so badly told that they reflect on the teller as well. Similar stories are also told about Skåne, part of southern Sweden that used to belong to Denmark. "De war to Skåner ..." was as familiar to my grandfather 120 years ago in Thy (near Mols) as "There were these two Scotsmen ..." was to his counterparts across the sea in Yorkshire. And yes, as far as I know the Thy dialect was spoken with "wubbleyou" where the rest of Denmark pronounces a V.

Here's another molboerhistorie, gratis. Several molboer find a pocket watch on the road. They listen to the ticking, and are frightened. They carry it to the old wise man of their village. He places the watch on a stump, smashes it with a stone and the ticking stops. The villagers are proud of their resourceful wise man. Snezzy 01:06, 17 October 2007 (UTC)