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Problems with this article[edit]

There are a few problems here: 1. The term was also used by Mark Hall to Bigfoot from shorter and much taller hominids. There appears to be a word missing just before "Bigfoot", but I can't pin it down. "Distinguish", perhaps?

2. Female tracks usually display smaller toes and rounder heels than males. with only tracks to go on, how do we know which are male and which are female? OK, primate males are bigger than females, but primates don't have hourglass-shaped feet with 3 toes. Looks like there's an assumption being made here.

3. Hall, however, thought they may be Authralopiths such as Paranthropus. Authralopith? Did Hall say Australopithecus or Australopithecine? This is so badly misspelt I can't guess what the correct word is.

Totnesmartin 19:16, 31 July 2007 (UTC)