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I am not sure when, but their was a brawl between him and Michael Jordan, I know it was in a playoff series, someone could put that in--Gusiman 20:51, 20 February 2006 (UTC)

-- Michael Jordan --

The so-called Michael Jordan incident did not occur the same season as the NBA Finals appearance, as it was his last year away from the NBA during his first retirement.

Psychological disorder with free throw shooting[edit]

The text below appeared in an older version of the article. I took it out as unreferenced controversial material.

I remember reading about Anderson's free throw shooting somewhere (in Sports Illustrated? ESPN the Magazine?) as part of a feature on sports psychology. If someone can find the reference, we can return this text to the article. A quote by Anderson or a psychologist describing the disorder would be valuable also.

Psychological disorder

Anderson is well known for his role in sports psychology. After missing four pivotal free throws in the 1995 NBA Championships that led to the defeat of the Orlando Magic by the Houston Rockets, Anderson developed a psychological problem that greatly affected his free throw shooting. His free throw percentage dipped sharply and dropped to 40% at one point. He had developed a fear of shooting free throws as a result of his belief that his missed free throws in the NBA Finals caused the Magic to lose. This was an anomaly as he was considered to be a great shooter. After the help of sports psychologists, Anderson improved his free throw shooting but showed signs of his fear again during the last year of his NBA career.