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General Overview On Freedoms Worldwide Protection Persecution/Legal Limbo Recognition/Some Legality Freedoms Yes (Good) No (Bad) Conditional or Ambivalent (Mixed)

--- -- -----------

Type 1 - Human - non-Wiifi user and non-Drug user Type 2 - Human - non-Wiifi user and Drug user Type 3 - Human - Wiifi and non-Drug user Type 4 - Human - Wiifi and Drug user Netherlands Much of world USA, Indonesia

Multiplied by 8 more which can be broken down into 3 (religious types) + 3 (sexuality types) + 2 (relativistic morality preferences) more types : Protection Persecution/Legal Limbo Recognition/Some Legality Freedoms Yes (Good) No (Bad) Conditional or Ambivalent

--- -- -----------

- atheists, monotheists and polytheists USA, Russia, China Almost All 'Islamic' Nations Thailand (nominal Buddhist fundo) (Category A) Japan, Australia, EU Russia (nominal Christian fundo), ASEAN

- heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual (sex orintation freedom) USA, Canada, Australia Almost All 'Islamic' Nations Russia, Thailand, EU (some ambivalence) (Category B) India ASEAN

- pro-RLD ( sexuality positive) Germany, Netherlands Almost All 'Islamic' Nations USA, France, Japan, EU (some states no) (Category C) Mexico, Singapore ASEAN England N.Western South America Turkey, Australia - Media/Intelligensia/Activist Freedom/Freedom of Speech Almost All 'Islamic' Nations USA, China

for a total of 32 distinct groups that any true democracy must make space for. The above chart shows some countries able to handle the entireity of the groups.

See also Death Penalty

See also Forced Conscriptions (note that this chart is inaccurate for Malaysia which should be coded ORANG-with elements of-RED - Malaysia HAS forced

conscriptions backed by jail terms and fines for those selected and disallows abstention options for conscientious objectors who happen to be selected, a score or

so teens have since died, several camps have closed down due to mismanagement, and the families of the deceased have received inequitable compensation thus far) — Preceding unsigned comment added by 2001:E68:4000:15:E4A9:26C5:9E2F:9DE2 (talk) 18:50, 2 January 2014 (UTC)