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Hola, mi nombre es Guillermo, y estuve en paran, en el moshav hace unas semanas, creo tener unas fotos digitales del paran wadi, o faran wadi, si les parece puedo enviarselas, mi mail es, si quieren pidanmelo por ahí, un saludo.

Hi my name is William, i was in that moshav a couple of weeks ago, and i have some pictures from Paran wadi, that i think i could give to you if u want, just email me if that´s the case , my mail is, my best regards, bye.

The historicity of Paran[edit]

Is there a REAL connection between the Paran of the Bible and the mentioned moshav? I wonder if such connection can be verifiably made. RedJimi (talk) 11:11, 21 March 2010 (UTC)