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Original Article: Plunkett Town (Plunkytown), Georgia[edit]

I finally feel vindicated. User Keizers nominated my original article for deletion because I said," it's a section of Mountain View across I-75 from the Ford Plant in Hapeville." Then Keizers goes on to say that," "I have multiple sources placing Plunkett Town at the I-75 Cleveland Avenue interchange." My reply was,"I haven't been on here in awhile and unfortunately missed the deletion of the Plunkett Town (Plunkytown) article. No where in your sources does it say that Plunkett Town was as far north as Cleveland Ave and the Gilbert cemetery. The area you are describing is actually Polar Rock. Plunkett Town (Plunkytown) was about a half-mile south of there, South of the tracks, across from the Post Office. The article you cited even restates this fact: "Plunkett Town is located adjacent to the airport and across the tracks from major industrial plants that conceivably could be a major source of employment for the hamlet, but provide few jobs for the residents." There are no train tracks near the 75/Cleveland Ave interchange. The old cemetery is there, but its connection to Plunkett Town(Plunkytown) is only because of its proximity. This article as it stands is incorrect on both counts." I am glad to see that user hspalmer corrected this error. Deelzbub (talk) 02:39, 16 October 2014 (UTC)