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I come hereby just to inform all Wikipedians that Ras ben Sakka,the northern most point in Africa, is not located in Morocco.

I think one editor has mistaken Ras ben Sakka for Ras Nouadhibou, a northern point in Morocco. That is actually understandable, for Ras ben Sakka, located in Tunisia, and Ras Nouadhibou, located in Morocco, have both the same name in French language, Cape Blanc. Note that Morocco and Tunisia are both French-speaking countries.

To correct that mistake, I think we have got to edit new lines on Ras Nouadhibou and Ras ben Sakka articles.Cambers 14:34, 13 April 2007 (UTC)

Yep, I'll revert the article. Addhoc 15:54, 13 April 2007 (UTC)

Not convinced[edit]

I have come across this issue while editing article it:Africa on I'm sorry to say that I'm not much convinced yet. My problems are the following:
  • It seems that Ras ben Sakka is never mentioned on the Web except on wikipedias and wikipedia mirrors.
  • Most sites mention Cap Blanc, Tunisia as the northermost site in Africa, and this place is said to be called Ra's al Abyad.
  • The only free verifiable source mentioned in the article is this page of virtualglobetrotting, where a map is shown under the title "Ras ben Sakka, the northernmost point of Africa". Yet, the page does not mention Tunisia; instead, it mentions Morocco. Also, the map shown in the picture (to me) actually looks a lot like the northermost tip of Morocco.
Despite all this, there is still a line from Encyclopaedia Britannica that mentions some Ras ben Sakka as being "a bit west" of Cap Blanc, Tunisia, and further north. I have added this information. Note that "Ras ben Sakka" and "Cap Blanc" would anyway be two different places, which dismisses the above interpretation by User:Cambers.

Since Cap Blanc is by far more well-known than Ras ben Sakka (and it is reported by most sources as the northernmost tip of Africa), I would suggest to move the text of this article to Cap Blanc, Tunisia, which seems to be the "big" name of the area. The name Ras ben Sakka for Cap Blanc's west-northernmost tip can find a more accessible place in the article on the latter.

Moongateclimber 14:03, 18 May 2007 (UTC) (to talk to me, better use my italian wiki talk, thank you)
I agree, the subject is mentioned in the 1911 Brittanica edition however, isn't mentioned in the current version Addhoc 10:46, 20 May 2007 (UTC)