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A Fictional Rhyming Dictionary[edit]

Although your article is a "stub," I hope that you will consider a link to it.

I propose a link (which I think is distinctive) for your consideration

My fictional rhyming dictionary is distinctive in that it attempts to teach the habit and craft of rhyming through word association. In order to implant the rhymes in the memory, I have strung rhyming words together into a pattern that suggests a scene or story.

Warning: I could make comparatively few words fit together to suggest this -- I guess more than a thousand but less than two. This must be the web’s shortest rhyming dictionary – and its rhymes are totally unrelated to poetry.

The work on this dictionary is from a section I have just added to my website, a literary miscellany, called “Phony Pearls of Fictitious Wisdom”.

My original website, “Ben and Verse,” is devoted to Ben Franklin. It received the A+ award from the (together with a link from the Franklin Institute).

The original website has persisted for years; I have instructed my executors that both the original website and this new addition shall remain unchanged until long after my death.

I’d consider it an honor to receive a link from the Wikipedia.


John McCall

PS I can suggest a classic reference to anyone attempting an article on this subject "Words to Rhyme With" by Willard R. Espy. 15:20, 27 May 2006 (UTC)

Copyright Restrictions Removed from Rymer[edit]

Please feel free to quote my website "Ben and Verse" ( from any section and at any length, provided that the source is noted. This includes under "Phony Pearls of Fictitious Wisdom," the "Fictional Rhyming Dictionary" described on this page. 16:08, 22 February 2007 (UTC)