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Roman paddle-wheel ships[edit]

As much as I would like the Romans to have made actual use of paddle-wheel ships, the evidence we have does not indicate they have done so. There are three possible instances from antiquity to be considered:

  1. The use by Appius Claudius Caudex seems to be down to a modern misunderstanding, see Talk:Paddle steamer#History of Paddle Wheel Boat
  2. Vitruvius does describe a paddle-wheel attached to the side of a ship, but as an odometer, not as a means of propulsion.
  3. This leaves only its decription in the De Rebus Bellicis.

So, unless evidence to the contrary surfaces, the Roman paddle-wheel boat seems to have remained a paper invention and I've never seen any recent author claiming otherwise. As an aside, I once read that the early Chinese evidence of the 5th century appears too to be doubtable. In sum, I'd argue to blank and redirect this page to Paddle steamer, although I am sure it was set up in good faith. Gun Powder Ma (talk) 12:07, 29 June 2011 (UTC)

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