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If the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear is to be deleted, then it is only fair that all of the following horror conventions be deleted.


The point being, all of the following horror conventions have merit, and the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear is no different then the following conventions.

You my as well delete the term [HORROR CONVENTION] on Wiki as well, wouldn't that make sense????

The bottom line is that you cannot have one without the other, and people who are saying to delete the RUE MORGUE FESTIVAL OF FEAR are wrong to be saying to delete the convention, as well as saying it has no merit. The Rue Morgue Festival Of Fear attracts more people and celebrities than most of the following horror conventions which are already included in the Wiki pedia.

  1. Arcana_(convention)
  2. Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors
  3. Fantastic Fest
  4. Flashback Weekend
  5. From The Land Beyond, Horror & Science Fiction Convention
  6. World Horror Convention
  7. Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror Weekend
The above unsigned comment by Americanmoviecritic may or may not be right. I have no knowledge of how notable this or any other horror convention may be. I have, however, removed some sections and text which described the Fan Expo Canada and not just Rue Morgue Festival of Fear, which according to this article is part of Fan Expo Canada. The text I removed is included in the Fan Expo Canada article, which is linked in the introductory paragraph of this article. So no information has been removed from Wikipedia, and this article should be better focussed on its subject. Coyets (talk) 11:23, 5 October 2010 (UTC)