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I have the same questions. It is true that many, perhaps most of, the scrolls were not written at Qumrun; most were probably brought from the Temple in Jerusalem. However we need to be precise here: For decades scholars have agreed that the Dead Sea Scroll sect (and they really were a sect, and not a major denomination) were not the Essenes per se; however there is much evidence to show that they might be an offshoot of the Essenes, and I think this is what many people meant to write. RK

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The Saducees were a Jewish movement around the first century CE and earlier. The Saducees controlled the High Priesthood. They denied the existence of life after death and rejected the oral traditions defended by the Pharisees, who were their main opponents. Unlike the Pharisees, they had strong Hellenizing tendencies. They originated during the reign of John Hyrancus.
Lawrence H. Schiffman, From Text to Tradition: A History of Second Temple & Rabbinic Judaism, Ktav Publishing House, 1991
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