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Name of article[edit]

Nowhere but here is "screenname" a single word. I suggest we think about this anomaly. ;Bear 01:03, 2004 Nov 29 (UTC)

Well, not quite "nowhere"; it is fairly commonly spelled as "screenname". However, Google does testify that the single-word form is much less common:
  • "screenname" - 583,000 hits
  • "screen name" - 2,080,000 hits
Therefore, I agree with you that by Wikipedia:Use most common name, the name of the article should be "screen name" not "screenname", and I have moved it accordingly.
Lowellian (talk) 00:59, July 20, 2005 (UTC)

What was term before screen name?[edit]

-I don't remember what they called screen names several years ago. I've been online since 1990 and I don't remember what we called screen names then. Logon ID's? user names? What was the common term before 'screenname' became popular? I guess the transition was smooth enough for me not to notice. --FMephit 06:19, 7 Dec 2004 (UTC)

If you are interested in knowing, though I doubt you'll see this, you can ask at the Reference Desk. ~LinuxeristTux.svg E/L/T 00:55, 19 May 2006 (UTC)


I will be fixing any attempts at vandalizing this article as needed, as it appears that a habitual vandal has begun modifying it. FMephit 00:06, 14 December 2005 (UTC)

External Link[edit]

I think this URL;, should be removed. Clearly AIM 'hacks', sales, trades, etc. I haven't read any of the agreements or anything about AOL but I am sure it is probably illegal. However, because it has stayed here so long, I have a feeling people see differently. Xsaii 05:11, 1 October 2006 (UTC)

Citations needed[edit]

I've added some {{citationneeded}} tags to those statements that make assertions that sound authoritative, such as:

How much a screen name means in reference to its owner usually depends on number of accounts, and length of use.

Where was this hypothesis raised, who substantiated it to the status of "usually", et cetera.

A few in those places might get the article out of the unsourced category.


-- QTJ 21:29, 26 October 2006 (UTC)


I think that the article should mention a some familiar synonyms such as alias, login name, and account name. If these words are not synonyms, then the article should somehow clarify.