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This sentence is not right. can someone restructure it? possibly to lead to a latter fleshing out of each aspect.

>This explains why many childhood diseases never recur in adulthood (and >if they do, it generally indicates immunosuppression) or failure of a >vaccine.

FDA defines Seroconversion in influenza vaccine 4-fold jump in HI antibody. What do EU & WHO require?[edit]

Seroconversion is defined as an increase in HI (Hemagglutination-Inhibition) antibody titer of at least 4-fold, with a minimum post-vaccination HI titer of 1:40.

I believe this refers to results from a Viral Hemagglutination Assay

I believe a 60% seroconversion rate among immunonaieve patients is one of the standards for licensure of a vaccine by the FDA.

– Seroconversion – defined as % subjects with a minimum 4-fold rise in HI titer (e.g., pre-vaccination HI titer < 1:10 and a post vaccination titer > 1:40, or a pre-vaccination titer > 1:10 and a minimum 4-fold rise HI titer) – Seroprotection – defined as % subjects with an HI titer > 1:40

FDA also requires – a specified increase in HI antibody Geometric Mean Titer (GMT) following vaccination.

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seroconversion per wiktionary 2011 Feb 27[edit]

seroconversion (plural seroconversions)


(immunology) The development of specific antibodies in the blood serum as a result of infection or immunization

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