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When writing an article can people please use a standardised form of translating rather than their own personal method? The Khalwati order is known in the English language as Khalwati not halveti which is what it is known in Turkish. The word itself is Arabic and the English Khalwati is much closer to the Arabic than Halvet (not to mention the fact that all reference books on the middle east refer to it as Khalwati for example Trimmingham Sufi orders in Islam).

If you wish to use Turkish words then please use the Turkish wikipedia.

halveti or khalwati[edit]

yes khalwati is the arabic word and halveti is turkish. but as the person who wrote this, i consulted a person who was a close associate of the last grandshaykh of the sunbuli tarikat, informed me that the order is called the halveti-sunbuliyye not the khalwati-sunbuliyyah. if it were founded in an arabic speaking country it would probably be called the khalwati-sunbuliyyah. or if the tarikat was brought to an arabic speaking country early on in its life it would probably be called the khalwati-sunbuliyyah.

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