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Review by John Martin[edit]

Your introduction, although short, does distinguish the difference between thick-skinned and thin-skinned deformation. I feel like you could add more description just to give the intro more body and meaningfulness.

Your mechanism section is easy to understand and further distinguishes differences in deformation that may occur. Your diagrams are simple and good at showing thin-skinned and thick-skinned deformation.

The causes section has a lot of information but I feel as if you could make it more reader friendly. Bold or make a sub-section for the different causes of deformation. The one thing I find lacking in this section is more explanation on thick-skinned deformation. You just touch on deformation as a whole. If you get a few more references I think you will be able to accomplish this.

Also make a localities section to show more examples of thick-skinned deformation. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Jantho6 (talkcontribs) 17:34, 13 November 2012 (UTC)


All of your images are good. I think that you can split the causes section up into smaller sections/sub sections, it just looks very cluttered. Also as John said adding a Locations Section would benefit your page by showing where in the world this occurs! And even adding more pictures of this deformation wouldn't hurt, like if you can find usable pictures of actual real world examples. Your content seems to be where it needs to be understanding wise, just clear up the few things i mentioned and possibly get a few more references. EJR (talk) 02:12, 14 November 2012 (UTC)


  • Need more sources. I would think you would need at least five for a wiki page like this but maybe good sources are hard to come by for thick-skinned deformation
  • Intro is straight to the point but it could use an extra sentence or two further describing thick-skinned def.
  • Break down the causes section. Have sub-sections for each cause. this way readers can quickly refer to what causes it.