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The terms LUG WRENCH and TIRE IRON are very different. The items they refer to are somewhat different, but very related in the minds of ordinary folk; they are all one category. Ordinary people are not at all clear about which words to use for which. They will often think of just one term, when they are seeking info about the other kind of thing!

The readers would be best served if these two articles were merged into one, so that they would always have immediate access to the info they seek.

Lacking such merging, merely starting each of the two separate articles with a simple NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH before the lede is not working very well. The new reader needs pics, not words. Each article needs a pic of the other thing, to lead the new reader to what they seek. The new reader comes to these articles because they do not understand the names. They immediate skip over NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH because they are indeed very much confused; they need more effective help. Finding just a pic that does not match what they seek leaves them lost and adrift.

I don't feel very optimistic that these sorts of improvements will happen. Maybe the best we can hope for is if someone would make one great master photo of all of these types of tools, that we could try to get into each of the related articles, with captions to tell the proper terms for the different tools, to aid to linking to the relevant article.

Many lug wrenches also have a tire iron at the end (which is probably why people get confused over the terminology). A note to this effect and maybe a picture clearly indicating it's a lug wrench *and* a tire iron would probably be more useful than a "not to be confused with" Luckykaa (talk) 08:45, 11 April 2017 (UTC)
K Tool International KTI-71940 4 Way Sae Tire Iron / Lug Wrench

It is easy to show that lug wrenches are commonly also referred to as tire irons. We should not allow formal dictionary definitions to divert us from being responsive to common usage.- (talk) 20:06, 23 March 2017 (UTC)