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Possible Plagiarism ?[edit]

This article may have been copied word for word from this source: "Read facts about... Tuman tugh" [1] qv. Retrieved: 4 July 2014. NB: I did not see Wikipedia given as a source at the preceding site. There are several other sites (Google) that mirror this Wiki-Article, however said sites give WP as source.

This is an interesting subject, but it is possible the English is poor. The reference to Zugulski' (sic) is completely wrong, it should be Zdzisław Żygulski, Jr.

See these other subjects here at WP:

Önce Vatan Tjlynnjr (talk) 09:46, 4 July 2014 (UTC) .

See: "Read facts about...Tuman tugh" [5]. At the bottom of the page is a dark grey area with terms of use info, etc. The print is in varying shades of grey, and difficult to read (at least for me). In the terms it states: Free to share and adapt. Terms...attribution...share additional restrictions...(per CC Creative Commons). So the possibility of plagiarism as stated in my previous comments is most probably not true. Önce Vatan Tjlynnjr (talk) 18:13, 13 July 2014 (UTC).