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Changes 6/18/2008[edit]

Removed the reference to Wisconsin Educational Communications Board - ECB, as a source of programming or a "network" for WDSE. Here is the scoop. Wisconsin Public Television - WPT is itself a service of the ECB. To note the ECB as a source or network for the programming would be like saying General Electric was the source of programming for an NBC station. Sure, in the big picture General Electric owns NBC, but NBC is the network or affiliation. In this case the ECB is the partent of Wisconsin Public TV - WPT, however WPT is the network from which the programs are delilvered. ECB is no network per se, that is the function of WPT. WDSE is an affiliate of WPT and not of the ECB. (talk) 17:38, 18 June 2008 (UTC)