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Re References

I've seen quite a few revisions of this entry, the worst having sections that are entirely biased and certainly written by disillusioned students or romantic staff, and the current entry seems to be pretty fair. Although, I think the reference to Wibbly Wobbly Welbexians is dated, as I know many past Welbexians and have never heard the term before.

I was wondering if they still have a religious chapel, as this was the case when I was at Welbeck. It was compulsory for anyone who wasn't Catholic to attend the morning chapel, which although rarely evangelic had a heavy Christian influence.

No as the college has moved to a new purpose built location where an old signals base used to lie in Woodhouse (Leicestershire) the college does not have its own chapel. However there are weekly Christian Union meetings, once a week we have a religous assembly with a local vicar and it is very easy for students to attend church service in the local village on a Sunday morning. If you havn't guessed I am currently a student so any more questions post them here and i will be happy to answer.Jezzyjez 08:01, 1 March 2007 (UTC)


OK, I've thrown a significant amount of update at this today. Still needs some work to improve the style.

For any students reading this, get hold of a copy of JSP101 (Defence Writing handbook), read it!

ALR 12:16, 24 March 2007 (UTC)

      the link for the "new welbeck college opens" (reference 3) has been changed as the previous link was broken

Re: Reputation

The two points made: "In recent years the numbers of privately schooled students has dramatically fallen, giving way to a new working or middle class majority.[citation needed]" and "It can also be said, though, that the DSFC is a tragic step down from Welbeck College, and that it is now nothing but a boarding 6th form college with slightly stricter standards." do, I believe, warrant comment.

Regarding the first: in the 1970's Welbexians were most decidedly not predominantly privately schooled (a fair few grammar admittedly, but given this was at a time when the 11 plus still existed, as did a lot of state grammar schools, not the same thing at all). The current Welbexians seem to come from the broad spectrum of backgrounds that have always been found there. Whilst a breakdown of the types of schools that Welbexians come from would be valid (and the College has these figures I believe), unsupportable and possibly inaccurate statements are not.

Regarding the second: the old and the new both have their strengths and weaknesses but the author of the comment comes across as disillusioned and bitter. The new Welbeck is most decidedly not in any way tragic and it is much more than a boarding 6th form college. The current Welbexians are developing their own traditions tailored to the different environment and have much to be proud of. The preparation they receive for life in general, and life in the armed forces as leaders in particular, is unparalleled in the UK.

My qualifications to pass comment? I entered Welbeck in 1973 and my son entered in 2006. 13:07, 24 April 2007 (UTC)

I have deleted the latter paragraph at request of Head of College. I will shortly upload a better paragraph that gives both viewpoints. (Hudson5)

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