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Sources, notability[edit]

This article currently cites descriptions of the orthography and discussions of them by the World Wide Web Consortium. These appear to be primary sources, written or co-written by the creator of WorldBet. This edit seems to assert that discussion of a possible W3C standard indicates notability. That doesn't seem right to me, but I may well be ignorant of the relevant standards. I am therefore asking members of Wikipedia:WikiProject Internet and Wikipedia:WikiProject Linguistics for comment. Thanks, Cnilep (talk) 08:57, 19 May 2013 (UTC)

The W3C coverage seems to not consider setting this as a standard as much as simply supporting this in another context (and it was ultimately not included in the standard anyway). I agree that that seems awfully iffy grounds for inclusion. Any comments from WP:INET?
Beyond the four main systems we have had listed for long (SAMPA, X-SAMPA, TIPA, Kirshenbaum) I have seen a wide variety of other homebrewn ASCII-IPAs referenced or in use (Carrasquer, Branner, Kolagian, Z-SAMPA…) but this is the first time I run into this system. It does not strike me as very notable among its kin at all. (Also poorer in coverage than even regular X-SAMPA anyway — the "SAMPA extended" mentioned in the specs is presumably a different, older system.) --Trɔpʏliʊmblah 15:15, 19 May 2013 (UTC)
I think we should probably expand the "ASCII and keyboard transliterations" section in the International Phonetic Alphabet's article to mention Worldbet and a few others like ARPAbet, TIMITbet and UCLAbet (they all seem to have been used in speech corpora) and redirect this page there. — Lfdder (talk) 15:55, 19 May 2013 (UTC)