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YUI vs jQuery[edit]

From what I gather YUI is the enterprisey answer to jQuery et al? The API docs and the examples are a lot more enterprisey in their language (JavaScript "solutions"?) and the demos are a lot less straightforward and more specific (less emphasis on real life usage, more emphasis on specific functionality). Also the syntax is comparatively unwieldy and verbose whereas jQuery or Prototype try to keep things as simple as possible (the selector is the most obvious example of this -- the reason jQuery and Prototype simply provide "$" as a function is that it's easy to type and probably one of the most often used functions in the bunch).

Also it doesn't seem to put much effort into presentation -- where jQuery UI would dazzle you with prefabricated themes, YUI just gives you Windows 98 era vintage boxes.

Disregarding all that, is there any notable comparison between YUI and other libraries? It SEEMS to be more complete than jQuery plus jQuery UI, but it doesn't seeFor more nearly as easy/fast to use or get into. -- (talk) 01:09, 6 June 2009 (UTC)