Talkeetna River

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Talkeetna River
Talkeetna River.jpg
Talkeetna River in Southcentral Alaska
Talkeetna River is located in Alaska
Talkeetna River
Location of the mouth of the Talkeetna River in Alaska
CountryUnited States of America
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ coordinates62°10′54″N 148°29′7″W / 62.18167°N 148.48528°W / 62.18167; -148.48528[2] Talkeetna Glacier
 ⁃ elevation4,250 ft (1,300 m)[1]
 ⁃ coordinates
62°19′31″N 150°7′13″W / 62.32528°N 150.12028°W / 62.32528; -150.12028Coordinates: 62°19′31″N 150°7′13″W / 62.32528°N 150.12028°W / 62.32528; -150.12028[2] Susitna River near Talkeetna, Alaska
 ⁃ elevation
299 ft (91 m)[2]
Length85 mi (137 km)[2]

The Talkeetna River[3] (Taa’i Na’ in Ahtna) is a river in Alaska.


Tanaina Indian name reported in 1898 to mean "river of plenty" by G. H. Eldridge and Robert Muldrow, United States Geological Survey.[2]

Also known as:[2]

  • Talkeet River
  • Talkeetno River
  • Talkutna River


Heads at Talkeetna Glacier in Talkeetna Mountains at 62°11′00″N 148°29′00″W / 62.18333°N 148.48333°W / 62.18333; -148.48333, flows North-West and South-West to Susitna River at Talkeetna, Alaska; Cook Inlet Low.[2]

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