Talkeetna River

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Talkeetna River
Talkeetna River.jpg
Talkeetna River in Southcentral Alaska
Country United States of America
Basin features
Main source 4,250 ft (1,300 m)[1]
62°10′54″N 148°29′7″W / 62.18167°N 148.48528°W / 62.18167; -148.48528[2] Talkeetna Glacier
River mouth 299 ft (91 m)[2]
62°19′31″N 150°7′13″W / 62.32528°N 150.12028°W / 62.32528; -150.12028Coordinates: 62°19′31″N 150°7′13″W / 62.32528°N 150.12028°W / 62.32528; -150.12028[2] Susitna River near Talkeetna, Alaska
Physical characteristics
Length 85 mi (137 km)[2]

The Talkeetna River[3] (Taa’i Na’ in Ahtna) is a river in Alaska.


Tanaina Indian name reported in 1898 to mean "river of plenty" by G. H. Eldridge and Robert Muldrow, United States Geological Survey.[2]

Also known as:[2]

  • Talkeet River
  • Talkeetno River
  • Talkutna River


Heads at Talkeetna Glacier in Talkeetna Mountains at 62°11′00″N 148°29′00″W / 62.18333°N 148.48333°W / 62.18333; -148.48333, flows North-West and South-West to Susitna River at Talkeetna, Alaska; Cook Inlet Low.[2]

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