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Tan Tao University
Motto Per Sapientiam ad Astra (Latin)
Motto in English
To the Stars through Knowledge
Type Private
Established 2010
Provost Vo Tong Xuan
Location Long An province, Vietnam

Tan Tao University (Vietnamese language: Đại học Tân Tạo) is a private non-profit university in Long An Province, Vietnam. The founder and the main sponsor of TTU is Mme Dang Thi Hoang Yen.[1] Tan Tao is the university using the model of Duke University, USA and aspires to become the first Vietnamese university with a U.S. style education. Programs at TTU are taught in English.

Students at TTU can access internship opportunities at the world's leading companies and factories operating in industrial parks of Tan Tao Group.

Location and construction[edit]

Tan Tao University is situated on a 503 acre area in Tan Duc E.City, Duc Hoa District, Long An Province. The University is designed and master planned by architectural firms from the United States including:

  1. Morris Architects (USA) : Design Architect
  2. The Office Of James Burnett (USA) : Landscape Architect
  3. CBM Engineers, Inc (USA) : Structural Engineers
  4. Facility Programming And Consulting (USA) : Facility Planning & Consulting
  5. Southern Engineering & Informatics Investment Corporation (S.E.I) : Client Civil & Structural Engineers
  6. Connell Wagner Vietnam Co, Ltd (US-based company's branch in Vietnam) : MEP Engineer
  7. Archethought LLC (USA) and S-IMS (Sao Bắc Đẩu Integrated Management Solutions Corporation): Data Center
  8. DP Consulting Co., Ltd: Power Generating System
  9. Samsung Company and Refrigeration Electrical Engineering Corporation (REE): Electricity system
  10. Tan Tao Group: Construction
  11. Taserco: Landscape Contractor

The Campus construction is expected to be completed within 15 years. The university's new facilities will have the capacity to serve ten thousand students and includes ten schools with sixty-four faculty buildings in a total area of 12 million square feet and a centrally located library.

Administration and organization[edit]

TTU has a dedicated faculty of high-profile professors and instructors with intensive international experience in various fields of expertise. 62% of TTU instructors are either U.S. citizens or graduates of leading U.S, universities with teaching experiences.

In the library, Tan Tao University

Academic program[edit]

Tan Tao University offers the following undergraduate programs for the 2014-2015 school year:[2]

No. Major School Code Group
1 Finance School of Business & Economics D340201 A, A1, D1
2 Accounting School of Business & Economics D340201 A, A1, D1
3 International Business School of Business & Economics D340120 A, A1, D1
4 Management School of Business & Economics D340101 A, A1, D1
5 Electrical Engineering School of Engineering D520201 A, A1
6 Computer Science School of Engineering D480101 A, A1, D1
7 English School of Humanities D220201 D1
8 Biotechnology School of Biotechnology D420201 B
9 Applied Biology School of Biotechnology D420203 B
10 General Medicine School of Medicine D720101 B
Quota of admitted students 500

Students at TTU will begin with U-PREP, a University Preparatory Semester. They will concentrate on the development of English and Soft Skills, including study skills and preparation of university-level classroom assignments. Full scholarships are available for U-PREP.

Academic programs in the university will normally require 120 units of credit, or about four years of academic work.


The office hours in Tan Tao University
Admission requirements

To register to TTU, students shall meet the following requirements:[3]

  • High school performance requirements:
    • GPA of grade 10, 11, 12 must be at least 7.0 or higher with no subject of less than 5.0.
    • GPA of graduation examination must be at least 7.0 or higher with no subject of less than 5.0.
  • National Entrance Exam Requirements (not including regional encouragement point)
Admission exemption

Students who are awarded the Hoa Trang Nguyen scholarship and pass the standard grade in the entrance university examination given by the MoET are exempted from the writing exam and are only required to attend an interview with TTU faculties.

Tuition and financial aid

TTU offers full tuition, housing and living compensations for all students in the first year. In an effort to ensure the quality of university's teaching and studying, each student is provided a personal laptop as well as course textbooks.

Students with high academic achievement may be eligible for scholarships to study abroad for one year.


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