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Domain of Heroes is a free-to-play, text-based MMORPG. It is a browser based game, designed so that it can be played whilst running other games, or working.[1] It is free to play, supported by an optional micropayment business model.


Domain of Heroes uses text and some artwork to describe the game environment.

There are 3 Factions, 27 Classes, and 30 Races in Domain of Heroes,[2] the full list of which is within "The Great Codex" in the game. Once a player chooses one of each of these they then explore the Domain of Heroes world and its locales. Players can battle monsters or other players, complete quests, level up, collect items, trade/sell items, forge items, or simply participate in guilds and the community.

Each player starts the game with one "wish". They can acquire more wishes by collecting loot and coin during battle and then trading with players. Micro transactions are also available. Players can utilize wishes to increase the storage capacity of their mule, personalize their character, acquire better gear, and many more.

Domain of Heroes is designed to run in the background if necessary. The tab in their taskbar keeps them current on their character’s status so they don't need to reopen the game window repeatedly.


Domain of Heroes was created by Tandem Games in 2008. It was released for beta testing in May 2008 and open to the public in October of the same year. The game is in a constant state of advancement. It receives regular updates including content, technical revisions, and artwork. Players are encouraged to share their ideas for game improvement and are often the impetus for changes and additions to the game. Tandem Games partnered with Intel in their Software Partner Program during the creation of Domain of Heroes.[3] Domain of Heroes and its parent studio, Tandem Games, also use the game to donate to charity. Every time players make an in game purchase, 5% of the purchase goes to charity.[4]


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