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Tang Fong Har (Chinese: 陳鳳霞; pinyin: Chén Fèngxiá; born 1943) is a Singaporean lawyer who was detained on 20 June 1987 by the Singapore government during Operation Spectrum under the Internal Security Act (ISA). Her detention was speculated by many as a means to crush political dissent. In a letter,[1] she states that she was physically abused, kept incommunicado and forced to admit guilt of subversion of state. It is speculated that her opposition to the Newspapers and Printing Presses Act and the Legal Profession (Amendment) Bill during her time at the Law Society of Singapore in 1986 was the reason for her detention.[citation needed] She was later released on 12 September 1987.

Tang has accused Officer SK Tan of assaulting her during her interrogation and indefinite detention by the Internal Security Department.[2] She is currently wanted by the Singapore police for having breached a condition under a special suspension direction when she failed to return to Singapore after she was granted permission to visit her husband, Peter, a British citizen, in the United Kingdom between 7 March 1988 to 7 April 1988.[3]

On 8 October 2011, Tang, along with exiled political dissident Francis Seow, publicly addressed a Singapore Democratic Party forum from abroad via teleconference.[4] In the address they advocated abolishing the ISA. The Singapore police were investigating the legality of the event the following day.[5]

Tang and her family currently reside in Hong Kong.

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