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Tang Jiali (simplified Chinese: 汤加丽; traditional Chinese: 湯加麗; pinyin: Tāng Jiālì; born July 13, 1976 in Hefei, Anhui) is a Chinese dancer and model who became a celebrity and household name in the China in 2003 by being the first woman to sell books of nude artistic photographs of herself since the lifting of many of the previous restrictions on distribution and sale of such photographs.

In 2002, Tang Jiali published a book named "The Bodyart Portray of Tang Jiali", which includes full-frontal nude pictures of her own. Later, in 2004, she published another two books, "Bodyart Photographs of Tang Jiali" and "Portray of Tang Jiali", both contain nude pictures of herself, some are even more arousing than previous book.

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