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Tantri Controversy is a controversy surrounding one of the three chief priests of Sabarimala Sri. Kantararu Mohanaru, in which he was entangled in a scandal involving politics, sex, and conspiracy. The crux of the incident is that he was caught/photographed in a compromising position with a woman, who was previously booked for immoral traffic. The incident occurred in a flat owned by Ms. Sobha John in Kochi, in the state of Kerala on 23 July 2006. Later key accused Rehaman, who is alleged to have arranged the hirelings that attacked Sabarimala Tantri Kandararu Mohanararu, surrendered before G Venu, the Circle Inspector of the Ernakulam Central Police.Station.

Conflicting versions[edit]

The Tantri's version tells that he was kidnapped by a 10-member gang which came in two vehicles on Sunday evening. He said they robbed him of two gold necklaces, bracelet and mobile phone and made him pose for photographs with a naked woman. He also lodged a complaint of kidnap with the police after returning to his house in Chengannur from Ernakulam where he is building a flat.

But the D.I.G of Police (Central Zone), Mr.Padmakumar, came out strongly against it by saying 'no one kidnapped the Tantri' and 'Tantri does many things that a normal person would be ashamed of doing'. He said, `We found that the complaint had no substance and that the tantri had been visiting a woman with a bad reputation for the past one year. There are records to prove that he had come there about 20 times in the past one year,’’ he said. The records with the security of the flat show that Tantri's vehicle has come to the flat previously also. While it is not known whether the tantri fell for a trap, the official said Mohanaru was “caught in an embarrassing position by some people” while he was in the flat. The complaint was an attempt to cover up the events. khandaru mohanaru involved. In another version, Bechu Rehman, alleged to be involved in the attack on the tantri, said that the entire episode was a drama enacted by the head priest himself. shobha john sex racket in sabarimala temple become serious case

Later events[edit]

Following the incident, the Travancore Devaswom Board handed over the charge of the tantri to Mohanaru’s father Kantararu Maheshwararu with immediate effect. However, the issue cannot be viewed in isolation. Mohanaru has been at the centre of the controversy sparked by the Ashtamangala Devaprasnam (ascertaining the lord’s will) held by astrologer Parappanangadi Unnikrishna Panikker at Sabarimala the previous month. The astrologer had found that a female had defiled the temple by getting inside the sanctum sanctorum. Following this revelation, actress Jayamala claimed that she was pushed into the ‘sreekovil’ during “rush hour” in April 1987. There has not been many takers for this claim. Kantararu Mohanaru had refused to accept the devaprasnam’s credibility and has been personally attacking not only the astrologer but also the devaswom board.

The issue created a huge stir all over in the Indian media as Sabarimala is a pilgrimage centre where one out of every 20 Indian visits every year. Soon the political, religious and social ramifications began to emerge. It soon snow balled into a controversy that got the national attention.

The issue became months long headlines as certain communities in kerala and social, political leaders began to either support or oppose Kantararu Mohanaru. By that time Kantararu Maheshwararu the Supreme Priest of Sabarimala came out in open in support of his son Kantararu Mohanaru and also made his grandson Rahul Easwar, the spokesperson of the Tazhamon family.

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