Tap 011

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Tap 011
Origin Belgrade, Serbia
Genres Pop, dance, power pop
Years active 1994 – 2002, 2011
Labels PGP-RTS; City Records
Associated acts Ivana Peters
Goca Tržan
Website www.tap-011.com
Members Ana Štajdohar
Natasa Guberinic
Milan Bojanic
Petar Stupar
Đordje Pajović
Past members Ivana Pavlović
Goca Tržan
Mirko Vukomanović
Goran Stevanović
Gane Pecikoza

Tap 011 was a popular Serbian pop group, active in the period 1994-2002 and in 2011. Tap 011 predecessor was a rap group Tapiri consisting of Milan Bojanic, Djordje Pajovic - Djole, Petar Stupar-Pera and some temporary members. However in 1994 they decided to change things. Two new singers came, Ivana Pavlovic and Goca Tržan, and their musical genre changed. They also started working with manager Gane Pecikoza who remained their manager ever since. The group became known by the shortened word of Tapir remains just Tap. A, 011 was added because it is the country code for Belgrade, and they were all from Belgrade.


The first album released in early 1995. under the name Novi svet (New world) and after a few months becomes best-selling edition of popular music. With this album stand out songs Bunda which was also the biggest hit, Opasna po zivot, Bez tebe, Pekara, Hit and Sume. This was followed by numerous concerts, awards, and their songs became a staple on all radio stations. It comes and Tapovci 1996 and released their second album which was named Gace and who has released an abnormal number of hits. Surpassed the circulation of the previous one and becomes a megahit song Bez tebe, or Gace. Almost everything on the album became the real hits, and they are Vuk, TV, Vrapci, Zene, Ovca, Komsinica Mica, Sanjaj me and Tvoja mala lujka. That year, as in the previous Tap 011 wins all the possible music awards and once again confirms that in the very top of Serbian music scene. This was followed by the addition to the domestic and international performances in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France ... 1997th The maxi single issue in which Lesi there were songs of Model iz sna, which was premiered at the Budva festival, then the model of sleep made for PI-'97 model and you MOzda ti se vrati kao Lesi, in addition to the normal version was released instrumental and unpluged version. That song was marked by a provocative video. She came and in 1998, they released their 3.album which took the name game. Group member, songwriter and creator of all the songs the group goes to Tap 011 Zlatibor to write songs for the new album. After a long time and waiting time, the sale was released and a new album. And he threw a lot of hits, and they are Jeti Sumadinac, Dosadan dan, Okreni broj 95,Sto dana u mesecu, Sta to bese mozak, Mentol, Lazi me, Igra and Panika. This was the last album in the original line-up since the beginning of next 1999th The first Goca left the group, which held a few gigs, and then the same, left, and Ivana. Goca Tržan began a solo career, and Ivana Pavlovic has formed his own band called Negativ.Then coming the bombing of Yugoslavia, and after almost a year and a half, in the summer of 2000. Milan, Pera and Djole was re-assembled the band, because by then virtually non-existent. New singer became Štajdohar Ana and Natasa Guberinić.

2001. Tap 011 issue 4.album, but the first with new singer named Cudesna ploca, and from that album became the biggest hit Reka, and of course hits Grad, Kapetan ladje, Direktor and Plava.2002. brings latest album, called the 5.element, two songs are pointed out, such as Ultra mega giga riba and Jegulja. Soon, the same year, breaks down the group. However, this is not the end of the story about Tap 011 unexpectedly, 2011., the group announced in January that it will hold a farewell concert at the Belgrade Arena and April 1, under the slogan Taprililili. Many have therefore thought it was a joke, but the happiness of all who love Tap 011 was not the case. Director of the Arena called Milan Bojanic and gave him a proposal to give a concert, Tapovci gathered in the original line-up and agreed to the idea. So that the fans will be able to see them together again, with old songs, which changed the arrangements and you will sound more modern.After success of last time the concert which was attended by 10,000 fervent fans, the group Tap 011 has decided to definitely go back to the music scene and tour announced, also new song will be record to the delight of fans.


Studio Albums[edit]

  • 1993 - Milenijum Posle Misterija I (Millennium After Mysteries I) as "Tapiri"
  • 1995 - Novi Svet (New World)
  • 1996 - Gaće (Underpants)
  • 1998 - Igra (The Game)
  • 2001 - Čudesna Ploča (Marvelous Disc)
  • 2002 - 5 Element (5th Element)

Extended Plays[edit]

  • 1997 - Lesi


  • 1993 - Funky Life
  • 1993 - Tapir's Nightmare
  • 1995 - Novi svet
  • 1995 - Bunda
  • 1995 - Hit
  • 1995 - Gaće
  • 1995 - Zbog tebe
  • 1997 - Lesi
  • 1998 - Dosadan dan
  • 1998 - Okreni broj 95
  • 1998 - Igra
  • 2000 - 011
  • 2000 - Plava
  • 2000 - Reka
  • 2000 - Kapetan lađe
  • 2002 - Playboy