Tapdancin' Bats

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Tapdancin' Bats
Studio album by NRBQ
Released 1983
Recorded 1972-1981
Genre Rock
Label Rounder Records
Producer Terry Adams
Joey Spampinato
NRBQ chronology
Grooves in Orbit
Tapdancin' Bats
She sings, they play w/ Skeeter Davis

Tapdancin' Bats is an album by the band NRBQ. It was released in 1983.

The album is composed entirely of archival material. At the time of production, NRBQ were signed to Bearsville Records and the label's owner, Albert Grossman, did not want NRBQ to record more albums for the label, but also would not let them out of their contract.[1] NRBQ had amassed enough archival material to compile several future albums and used some of this material for Tapdancin' Bats.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Captain Lou"
  2. "I Don't Think Of..."
  3. "Proctor's Gamble"
  4. "You Got It"
  5. "Rats In My Room"
  6. "Big Goodbyes"
  7. "Tex"
  8. "Boardin' House Pie"
  9. "Trouble at the Henhouse"
  10. "Ain't It All Right"
  11. "Pretty Thing"
  12. "Dry Up and Blow Away"
  13. "Come On and Ride"
  14. "Capriccio"
  15. "The Dough Got Low"
  16. "Tapdancin' Bats"


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