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Taqi Rafat (Persian: تقی رفعت‎‎), more fully Mirza Taqikhan Raf'at Tabrizi (1887/9[1] – September 15, 1920), was an Iranian poet, playwright, critic, and journalist.

Rafat was the son of Agha Mohammad Tabrizi.[2] He was educated in Istanbul and during World War I returned to Tabriz to teach French in high school. He was a modernist poet who wrote in Turkish and French as well as Persian. Politically, he was a follower of Mohammad Khiabani, and edited the latter's newspaper, Tajaddod ("Modernity"), an organ of the Democratic Party of Azerbaijan, as well as the magazine Azadistan. When Khiabani's movement was violently crushed, Rafat committed suicide.[3]


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