Tarabuco Municipality

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Tarabuco Municipality
Tarapuku munisipyu
Municipio de Tarabuco
Tarabuco Municipality is located in Bolivia
Tarabuco Municipality
Tarabuco Municipality
Location of the Tarabuco Municipality within Bolivia
Coordinates: 19°10′S 64°55′W / 19.167°S 64.917°W / -19.167; -64.917Coordinates: 19°10′S 64°55′W / 19.167°S 64.917°W / -19.167; -64.917
Country Flag of Bolivia.svg Bolivia
Department Chuquisaca Department
Province Yamparáez Province
Incorporated (municipality) 18 November 1912
Seat Tarabuco
 • Mayor election on April 4, 2010
 • Total 395 sq mi (1,023 km2)
Elevation 11,500 ft (3,500 m)
Population (2001)
 • Total 19,554[1]
 • Ethnicities Yampará (Quechua), Aymara, other indigenous, Guaraní
INE 010601

Tarabuco Municipality is the first municipal section of the Yamparáez Province in the Chuquisaca Department, Bolivia. Its seat is Tarabuco. Its population is overwhelmingly indigenous: of 10,530 people 15 or older in the 2001 Census, 9,834 (or 93,40%) self-identified with an indigenous people; 9,779 to the Quechua people, 29 Aymara, 15 to another indigenous people, and 7 as Guaraní.[1] On 6 December 2009, its residents voted in favor of indigenous autonomy for the municipality, with a vote of 90.8%.[2]


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