Tareq wa Shireen

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Tareq wa Shireen
Also known as طارق و شيرين
Genre Animation, Educational entertainment, Children's educational edutainment
Country of origin Jordan
Original language(s) Arabic
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 105
Production company(s) Rubicon Group Holding

Tareq wa Shireen (Arabic: طارق و شيرين ‎‎) is one of the first 2D animated series produced exclusively in Arabic with implications towards promoting Arabic heritage, history, culture and music. Intended for pre-school and junior children, the series provides an early development tool to educating youngsters in an entertaining fashion. The series is currently only available as a DVD purchase.


The series is organized into thirteen themes covering a range of educational topics from learning the Arabic language to health and exercise, each theme is further divided into five mini episodes covering each theme's different topics, and each of these mini episodes concludes with an easy-to-learn song that summarizes the information in the episode.


DVD Set Theme
1 The Alphabet
2 Counting & Numbers
3 Animals
4 Colors & Shapes
5 Body
6 Time & The Seasons
7 Myself
8 Emotions & Feelings
9 Food & Nutrition
10 Health & Exercise
11 Environment
12 Community
13 Safety


  • Tareq
  • Shireen
  • Haidar
  • Wessam
  • Hussam
  • Haifa




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