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Sonar image of the wreck of USS O-9.

The target strength or acoustic size is a measure of the area of a sonar target. This is usually quantified as a number of decibels. For fish such as salmon, the target size varies with the length of the fish and a 5 cm fish could have a target strength of about -50 dB.[1]

Target strength (TS) is equal to 10 log10(σbs), where σbs is the differential backscattering cross section. Backscattering cross section is 4πσbs.


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Further reading[edit]

target strength formula:

TS=10log((R^2)/4) FOR Circular

TS=10log((RL^2)/(2*landa)*(SIN(B)/B)^2*COS(U)^2) B=KL*SIN(U) K=2pi/landa