Tarruntenus Paternus

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Tarruntenus Paternus (or Tarruntenius) (d.183) was the secretary (ab epistulis latinis) of Marcus Aurelius. During the Marcomannic Wars the Emperor appointed him to command a band of Cotini, a Gaulish tribe from the area around the present-day Czech Republic, Poland, and Silesia at their request, but they "treated him shamefully."[1]

He later served as praetorian prefect. Under Commodus he was accused of treason, conspiring to kill Commodus and make Salvius Juilanus emperor. Paternus and Julianus were both executed in 183.[2]

Paternus composed a work in four books De Re Militari, now lost. Extracts from the work appear in Justinian's Digest, Aemilius Macer, and Vegetius, who called him "diligentissimus juris militaris adsertor."[2]


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