Tautuku River

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Tautuku River
Tautuku River.jpg
Tautuku River south of McLean Falls
Country New Zealand
Main source Maclennan Range
River mouth Tautuku Bay (Pacific Ocean)
0 metres (0 ft)

The Tautuku River[1] originates in the Maclennan Range of The Catlins. It continues through native bush for almost its entire length, including McLean Falls. Near its mouth at Tautuku Bay, just north of Tautuku Peninsula, the river flows through the Tautuku Estuary, a breeding ground for fernbirds.[2]

The river's lowermost stretch through the estuary can be used for kayaking.[3]

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Coordinates: 46°36′S 169°26′E / 46.600°S 169.433°E / -46.600; 169.433