Taylor River (Colorado)

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Taylor River[1]
Taylor River (Colorado).JPG
Taylor River in Almont, Colorado
Basin features
Main source Gunnison County, Colorado
38°58′12″N 106°47′27″W / 38.97000°N 106.79083°W / 38.97000; -106.79083
River mouth Confluence with East River
8,005 ft (2,440 m)
38°39′49″N 106°50′50″W / 38.66361°N 106.84722°W / 38.66361; -106.84722Coordinates: 38°39′49″N 106°50′50″W / 38.66361°N 106.84722°W / 38.66361; -106.84722
Progression GunnisonColorado

The Taylor River rises close to Castle Peak[2] in Colorado’s Elk Mountains in the northeast part of Gunnison County, near the Continental Divide. [3] Flowing southeast, the river goes through Taylor Park Reservoir, created by the Taylor Park Dam. From there it flows southwest. At Almont, the Taylor River joins with the East River to form the Gunnison River. The river is 48.2 miles (77.6 km) long.[4]

Most of the river lies within the Gunnison National Forest. It is a popular river for fly fishing of trout[5][6] and for whitewater rafting.[7]

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