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Taynikma is a Danish book series, which looks like light-novel. The idea and concept was developed by Merlin P. Mann and Jan Kjær. The series consists of ten volumes, each of which ends with a four-page drawing school. The first volume came out in October 2005 and the last volume appeared in May 2007. The series' publisher's imprint Phabel and is also released in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and now also in England (United Kingdom) (where only the first 4 books are now sold) in 2007 won the series Orla Award as the year's best comics in Denmark. In 2010 won Taynikma Drawing School by Jan Kjær Orla Prize. The authors have started a new Taynikma-book/series.

The series' titles[edit]

  • Book 1: Master Thief
  • Book 2: The Rats
  • Book 3: Tower Of The Sun
  • Book 4: The Lost Catacombs
  • Book 5: The Secret Arena (holy macerral)
  • Book 6-10: Only in Denmark

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