Tchernetzov's Partisans

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Colonel Tchernetzov's Partisan Company
Flag of Don Cossacks.svg
Don Cossacks flag
Active November 1917 - February 1919
Country Don Republic
Allegiance Don Army, Volunteer Army
Branch Cavalry
Nickname(s) Tchernetzovci
Equipment Michailovo-Konstantinovskaya Artillery Battery
Vasily Tchernetzov

Tchernetzov's Partisans was an independent Don Cossacks military force commissioned under the Act of Ataman Alexey Kaledin on November 7, 1917. in the opening stages of Russian Civil War. The 600 man regiment-size unit was formed from Don Cossacks officers and Students of the Novocherkassk.[1] However, many Bolsheviks considered Vasily Tchernetzov and his men brutal "counter-revolutionaries," not entitled to protection when captured, as was the case with other prisoners of war. About death of Colonel Tchernetzov, how he was murdered by Bolsheviks written in Novel of Mikhail Sholokhov And Quiet Flows the Don. After death of Vasily Tchernetzov survived members join the Ice March of Volunteer Army in the end of February 1919.


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