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"Te Splendor" is a Roman Catholic hymn dedicated to Saint Michael, the Archangel. The hymn derives its name from the fact that in Latin it begins with the words: Te splendor et virtus Patris. The hymn is included in the Raccolta collection of prayers with indulgences, and its authorized translations.


In 1817 Pope Pius VII granted an indulgence of 200 days once a day for saying the hymn (including antiphon and prayer) with a contrite heart and devotion, in honor of St. Michael the Archangel in order to obtain his patronage and protection against the assaults of the enemy of man. He also provided a plenary indulgence for saying the hymn every day for a month together, after Confession and Communion, and praying for the intention of the pope.


English text of the hymn is as follows:

O Jesu, lifespring of the soul,
The Father's power, and glory bright!
Thee with the angels we extol;
From Thee they draw their life and light.

Thy thousand thousand hosts are spread
Embattled o‘er the azure sky;
But Michael bears Thy standard dread,
And lifts the mighty cries on high.

He in that sign the rebel powers
Did with their dragon prince expel;
And hurl'd them from the heaven's high towers
Down like a thunderbolt to hell.

Grant us with Michael still, O Lord,
Against the Prince of Pride to fight;
So may a crown be our reward,
Before the Lamb's pure throne of light.

To God the Father glory be,
And to his sole-begotten Son;
The same, O Holy Ghost, to Thee,
While everlasting ages run.

Ant. Most glorious Prince, Michael the Archangel, be thou mindful of us; here, and in all places, pray for us to the Son of God most high.

V. I wilt sing praises to Thee, my God, before the Angels.
R. I will adore Thee in Thy holy temple, and praise Thy Name.

Let us pray.
O God, who in the dispensation of Thy providence dost admirably dispose the ministry of angels and of men; mercifully grant that the Holy Angels, who ever minister before Thy throne in heaven, may be the protectors also of our life on earth. Through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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