Turn the Tide on Plastic

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Turn the Tide on Plastic
VO65 team Vestas Wind at the re-start after the pitstop in Scheveningen, Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15 (2).JPG
Team Vestas Wind in 2015.
ClassVolvo Ocean 65
Designer(s)Farr Yacht Design
Racing career
SkippersChris Nicholson
Dee Caffari

Turn the Tide on Plastic is a Volvo Ocean 65 yacht. As Team Vestas Wind, she finished seventh in the 2014–15 Volvo Ocean Race skippered by Chris Nicholson.[1]

Following the race, the boat was refitted for the 2017–18 Volvo Ocean Race and renamed.[2][3]

2017-2018 Volvo Ocean Race[edit]

The crew was:[4]

2014-2015 Volvo Ocean Race[edit]

It was the 7th boat to announce it is participation to the race on September 1st 2014 following a press release from Alicante, Spain.

The crew was:[7]


  • Brian Carlin, Ireland. Reporter.


On November 30th 2014, during a night navigation, the yacht grounded on a coral atoll of St. Brandon.[9] This happened 10 days after leaving Cape Town, on the way to Abu Dhabi. The yacht was damaged and repaired the race for the last 2 legs. The grounding was because the atoll was not visible on the low scale chart. The crew was rescued by the Mauritius coast guard the next morning.[10] The cause of the grounding was a combination of human error and the features of the navigation software. The software did not show the atoll on the route planning display at low or medium zoom levels, while the atoll would have been shown in the navigation chart display at those zoom levels. The crew on watch did not notice there was a wrong chart display on. [11]


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