Teater Paradižnik

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Teater Paradižnik
Genre comedy, sitcom
Created by Branko Đurić
Marko Pokorn
Directed by Branko Đurić
Starring Tanja Ribič
Janez Škof
Ivan Rupnik
Jernej Šugman
Gojmir Lešnjak
Theme music composer Marko Pokorn
Composer(s) Saša Lošić
Country of origin Slovenia
Original language(s) Slovene
Executive producer(s) Edo Brzin
Location(s) Ljubljana
Running time 55 minutes
Distributor RTV Slovenija
Original network TV Slovenia 1
Original release 1994 – 1997

Teater Paradižnik (English: Paradižnik Theater; literally: Tomato Theater) is a Slovenian television comedy series, created and directed by Branko Đurić.

Screenplay was written by Marko Pokorn and Branko Đurić. This show lasted from 1994 to 1997 and was a huge hit in Slovenia. It was broadcast on first channel of RTV Slovenija, a Slovenian national television.

The story was set in theater. There was a lot of comic situations between workers behind the scenes; and a part on a stage with public and Slovenian music performances on the other side.

Main characters[edit]

  • Marijana (Tanja Ribič)...confused theater stage speaker
  • Vinko (Janez Škof)...nervous theater show director
  • Veso (Jernej Šugman)...chilled doorman from Bosnia, admissing all the guest and performers with his humor
  • Hubert (Ivan Rupnik)...serious theater chairman with a bad breath
  • Edwin (Jožef Ropoša)...gay wardrobe and make-up artist
  • Scenci/Scene workers...group of crazy workers helping a director by setting stage sceneries
  • Fani Mkombo (Metka Trdin)...cleaning lady
  • Hinko (Gojmir Lešnjak)...funny fireman
  • Plesalke Paradižnik/Paradižnik dancers...theater dancing girls

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