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TAD Disability Services (formerly Technical Aid to the Disabled NSW) and often abbreviated as TAD is a New South Wales organisation established in 1975 to provide technical skills to assist people with disabilities. It is a company limited by guarantee.

Over the 30 years of serving the community, TAD has provided over 20,000 devices to people with disabilities.

Their services that tailor to people specific disabilities include:

  • Custom Designed Equipment
  • Freedom Wheels Modified Bikes

Freedom Wheels Program[edit]

TAD’s Freedom Wheels Modified Bikes enable children with disabilities to ride a bike when it was never thought possible. Many of these children cannot walk but they can ride. These special bikes are designed to suit the individual child’s age, height, weight and physical and cognitive abilities.

The charity changed its name to TAD Disability Services in 2011.[1]


Technical Aid to the Disabled has published the quarterly TAD Journal since Feb 1981. ISSN 0725-2919


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