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Technological University of Panama
Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá (UTP)
Motto in English
On the way to excellence by means of continuous improvement
Type Public Entity
Established August 13, 1981
President Oscar Manuel Ramírez Ríos (2013-2018)
Students 18,000
Location Universidad Tecnológica Avenue, Campus Víctor Levi Sasso.
9°01′23″N 79°31′52″W / 9.023°N 79.531°W / 9.023; -79.531Coordinates: 9°01′23″N 79°31′52″W / 9.023°N 79.531°W / 9.023; -79.531

The Technological University of Panama, Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá (UTP) in Spanish, is the second largest university in Panama. It is a university comprising six faculties in seven campuses nationwide. The main campus is a 60-hectare piece of land located in Panama City, the country’s capital city.


The Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá (UTP) is the highest hierarchy public institution, regarding higher education in Panama. It was formerly the Engineering School of the University of Panama, which in 1975 became Polytechnic Institute and due to the need of a new model of university, it became the Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá, by means of Law 18 of August, 13th, 1981. On October 9th, 1984 the Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá was definitively organized by means of Law 17. Law 57 of July 26, 1996 modifies and adds to Law 17 of 1984. Since class of 1981, the nation has received uninterruptedly the delivery of more than 43,000 professionals from the UTP; who with their knowledge, skills and vision, contribute to the development of the Republic of Panama. UTP started with six bachelor degrees and fifteen technical careers. Currently it offers forty-three (43) advanced careers, twenty-eight (28) bachelor degrees and twenty-one (21) technical careers. The synergy created with the Panamanian Government, private sector and society allows the UTP to maintain a state of the art academic offer and to contribute efficiently with the technological and social development of the country. Valuable links developed with prestigious academic institutions, research centers, organizations and corporations of other countries, ensure a successful participation in the global village. Its current academic offer is the best evidence of institutional growth. There are 131 careers at different levels, as follows: 2 Doctorate studies, 40 master degrees, 26 postgraduated courses, 1 Professor Career, 4 Specializations, 8 Diplomas, 14 Bachelor degrees in Engineering, 14 Bachelor Degrees, 8 Bachelor Degrees in Technology and 14 Technical careers. Regarding demand, it has increased from 5,735 students on 1981 to 18,000 on 2011. It has a Faculty of 1,234 professors, 30% of them teaching full-time and an administrative crew of 1,200 people. UTP is the national leader in engineering research; and a reference point of expertise in technology.


  • President/Rector [1]
  • Academic Vice-Rector [2]
  • Administrative Vice-Rector [3]
  • Research, Postgraduate Affairs and Extension Vice-Rector [4]
  • Registrar´s Office [5]
  • University Planning [6]
  • Government Organisms
    • General University Council [7]
    • Academic Council [8]
    • Research, Postgraduate Affairs and Extension Council [9]
    • Administrative Council [10]


  • Civil Engineering [11]
  • Electric Engineering [12]
  • Industrial Engineering [13]
  • Mechanical Engineering [14]
  • Computer Systems Engineering [15]
  • Science and Technology [16]
Masters's Degree building on the Dr. Victor Levi Sasso Campus.


  • Panama City
    • Metropolitan Campus “Dr. Víctor Levi Sasso”
    • Howard
    • Tocumen
  • Azuero Regional Center [17]
  • Bocas del Toro Regional Center [18]
  • Cocle Regional Center [19]
  • Colon Regional Center [20]
  • Chiriqui Regional Center [21]
  • Western Panama Regional Center [22]
  • Veraguas Regional Center [23]
Centros de Investigación

Research Centres[edit]

  • Engineering Experimental Center (CEI) [24]
  • Project Center [25]
  • Agricultural Production and Research Center (CEPIA) [26]
  • Hydraulic and Hydrotechnical Research Center (CIHH)[27]
  • Research, Development and Innovation in Information and Communications Technology Center [28]


  • “RADAR Newsletter”. Publication addressed for the students [29]
  • Informative Newsletter for International Affairs [30]
  • “UTP in motion” Newsletter [31]
  • “El Tecnológico” Magazine [32]
  • “PRISMA Tecnológico” Magazine [33]
  • “I+D Tecnológico” Magazine [34]
  • “Tecnología Hoy” Magazine [35]

Cultural Affairs[edit]

  • Book and Magazine Launch
  • Cultural Magazine – MAGA [36]
  • Literature Week
  • "Rogelio Sinán" Central American Prize
  • "José María Sánchez" Short Story National Prize
  • MAGA Short Story Prize
  • “Pablo Neruda” National Poetry Prize
  • Creative Writing Diploma


  • Bookstore and Distribution Center [37]
  • Library [38]
  • Engineering Career Certification
  • Others [39]

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