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Telecatch was a Brazilian professional wrestling TV program originally called "Telecatch Montila". The name of the program would later be changed to "Os Reis do Ringue", which translates to "The Kings of the Ring".

It was similar to American professional wrestling with its diverse and colorful ring performers and pre-determined outcomes. The formation of the show was the direct result of the public's shock at the brutality of vale tudo, which used to air on a TV show that originally aired in the time slot of Telecatch Montila. It was decided by the TV executives that a show with pre-determined outcomes should replace the unpredictable and brutal vale tudo show, thus the creation of televised professional wrestling in Brazil.

An Italian-born Argentinian pro wrestler who went by the name of Ted Boy Marino signed on in 1967 and became the promotion's biggest star as a baby face. The show was a big success on the TV Excelsior and its run lasted until 1980.

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