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Use this template to link to "ABA season" articles from a particular year. The first parameter is the starting year of the season. By default, the template displays text in the form "yyyy–yy": "A closing CE/AD year is normally written with two digits (1881–86) unless it is in a different century from that of the opening year (1881–1986)" (as of April 2009).

A second parameter may be used if only one year is to be displayed (does not work if nolink is passed in).

{{abay|...}} is the other name of this template.

Named parameters[edit]

Text to be appended after the year, with a space in between.

For the parameters below, passing in any non-empty text will produce the same result, so as a matter of style, only pass in "y" (without quotes).

Text must not be linked.


  • {{ABA Year|1967}}1967–68
  • {{ABA Year|1967|app=season}}1967–68 season
  • {{ABA Year|1967|start}}1967
  • {{ABA Year|1967|end}}1968
  • {{ABA Year|1967|nolink=y}} → 1967–68

Bad examples[edit]

  • For style, only pass in "y" for the optional parameters: {{NBA Year|1999|nolink=NO}} → 1999–2000
  • start/end and nolink are incompatible: {{NBA Year|1999|start|nolink=y}} → 1999–2000

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